Apr 8, 2009

Good for you BN!

Life is abit funny, ain' it? Just when you thought you had the world at your disposal, here comes the 'unexpected' defeat for you. It must be sickening to feel that you lost when you have just won! To Bukit Gantang & Bukit Selambau voters, thank you for denying BN the opportunity to win. In my state, we are celebrating for it by having a public holiday (it's Johor Sultan's Birthday anyway).

So, what now to expect? Usually, if BN loses while Pak Lah was steering the wheel, nothing happens because he is toothless. However , knowing that we have new and previous PM together running the election machinery and still lost it, I am guessing some repercussions will land on us. If PR had lost the elections, BN would definitely have stamped " The People Rejected PR" boldly in newspapers. But now, it is merely "BN gotta work harder", "At least we won Batang Ai" etc etc. 

Nizar won. Yet again. So, Datuk Zambry, apa macam? You admitting that you don't have appeal and support to be the Menteri Besar? In normal democratic states, people will have balls to call for a snap election. But, I guess you somemore don't have the guts since you have lost the two by elections.

It feels good to deny you guys a win. Seriously!


  1. I was so happy when I heard the news last night.
    Kudos to PR!

  2. Syabas Pas! Soon i hope all malays will see PAS ideology and become members! and UMNO will be buried. With Indian and Chinese supporting PAS. We will have a new era for a just fair God fearing non corrupt party. At next election PAS/DAP/PKR wins with now majority PAS instead of currently UMNO (because No malays will be in UMNO!) Thank you Malaysians. Go Go PAS!

  3. hai...
    nice bLog yaar..

    keep it up..gOod jOb...
    ave a nice weekend..!