Aug 26, 2015


Here we are again. 

At the same page after so many years. 

Writing is no longer a passion that I held so close previously. 

Does any of my readers still read or write blog? 

Or have everyone moved on to Twitter and Facebook?

If you still reading this, please drop a hi. 

I wish I can continue writing again. 

Jun 11, 2012

The Return

05th June 2010.

11th June 2012.

Two years........

It took me TWO years to come back to page again and remind myself of what I used to be.

Mixed feelings that I am having now. Glad to know that I used to write. Sad to know that I don't write anymore. Why and what caused this happened is beyond comprehension.

I wonder where all my blogging friends went to. Do you guys even read other blogs?

Jun 5, 2010

Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya

The yachts


Scores of palm trees


Reflected by the water

Don't go beyond my mark.

Night view

Romantic getaway

Silent growth


Hidden light

Let me light out

*Updated* Weekend Getaway Gone Wrong

Well, the car is repaired. Apparently had to change Timing Sensor and the timing belt was nearing it's expiry as well. It costed about RM 720 for the repair. And, the total cost for the mishap was about RM1400 inclusive with all those coffee moneys..Damn!

June 04, 2010 Friday at about 8.00pm, something happened that really made the weekend affair gone wrong. I was on my way to Kuala Lumpur to join my friends for the seminar on photography on June 05. However, as I reached nearer to the exit of Pagoh or more precisely at KM130, my engine check indication light turned on. As if that was not enough, the RPM suddenly rose to 8000Rev/Min which was the maximum, a phenomenon called meter drop. All these happened when I was driving 110kmph in the fast lane and the first thought that came upon my mind was did the car stalled. If it has indeed stalled, I doubt I would be writing this post here. 

Thank god, it did not stalled and I drove the car to the emergency lane and stopped the engine to check the problem. No smoke or whatsoever came out of the hood, so nothing related to temperature or engine. With the ease of mind, I started the car. 

First try.......crankkkkkkkkk...crankkkkkkkk...
Second try.....crankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..crankkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Third try, fourth try and so on, the engine could not be started.

In the first assumption, it was thought the fuse was blown in some electronic system. I opened the fuse box and checked on by one in a road where heavy traffic was practically blowing me away. None seems to have defect. Out of no choice, called the PLUS to assist on the initial stage of the ordeal that is going to last the whole day and spill over to the dawn.

PLUS representatives came but on the other side of the highway. They crossed the highway and asked what happened. After explaning, he tried to start the engine. At this point, the car was like drained off battery. Even the cranking sound also went away. Instantly, the PLUS guy said it is alternator problem and the battery is not being recharged by it and thus unable to start the engine. I asked his opinion and he said tow till Pagoh exit toward north and will ask foreman to have a look. However, he needed to make a U turn to come to this side of the highway.

10 minutes....20minutes....30minutes...40minutes...50minutes...They managed to make the U turn and towed the car to the exit. While on the road, managed to make a call to the foreman to be on standby to diagnose the problem. Whilst towing our car, at least 3 more cars broke down and PLUS had to stop by at each instance to see the situation. Took us about another 40minutes to reach the exit and upon reaching gave some coffee money the PLUS guys (apparently PLUS do not charge for towing your car to the exit).

Once reaching the exit, 2 guys who were wearing Wang Heng Car Services T shirt approached. The chinese guy attempted to start the conversation on asking what was the problem. Again, I explained what happened. Upon hearing out, the Malay guy assumed that the alternator is spoilt. But, for a new car which has not even reached 2 years baffled them as on how the alternator could have given away. They offered to tow the car back to Yong Peng and check it in their workshop. I hesitated because I had to go back another 42KM and also the other foreman recommended by PLUS was on the way. Hesitantly, I explained to the guys and they said to call them if need their assistance. By the way, they said it will cost RM170 to tow the car back to Yong Peng.

After 10minutes, Abang Joe (the foreman recommended by PLUS) called and said his child was sick and he is at the clinic now. As such, he will deploy his 'member' to come over to assist us. He came. He saw. He asked. He took some tools. He did something. He started his car. He went somewhere.He came back again 3minutes. He said workshop all closed. And he did something I did not expect, apparently the earlier two guys whom approached me was their known friend and this foreman asked their assistance to bring back to the workshop. God, if I had known I would not have waited for you.

Anyhow, I agreed to be towed back to Yong Peng and when everything was ready to move, Abang Joe called and asked me to give the foreman some petrol money since he came all the way. By right I should not have given him, but yet I gave some cash to him as he came at that hours and off we went. In the midway, Abang Joe called me and asked how much I gave the mechanic. I said I gave him what I had in my pocket which was RM12 and since he asked for petrol money, I actually gave more. He sighed and asked me why I gave so little. I was shocked. Not only he did not solve any problem for me and he took my kindness for granted and requested for more. I said I am already on the way and I cannot be of a help. He hung up. There went, our diplomatic relationship.

Imagine your car going reverse in the traffic direction, I had that experience all the way from Pagoh toll plaza to Yong Peng. After approximately 1 hour, we reached the workshop. Quickly, they got down to work and found out that alternator was working fine. Black oil are good as servicing was done 2 days ago only. Fuel tank is full. Battery was 'jumped' using another battery. Upon checking the sensor, it was found it render the car to be unable to start. However, the spare part was not available in the workshop. My handphone time shows 12.05am. It was officially public holiday and Sunday was a holiday too. That means to get spare part in this week at Yong Peng was highly negative.

The foreman gave me 2option. One is to stay at the hotel nearby and the following morning, he will scout for the sparepart and get the car ready by half day. Or he can tow the car back to Johor Bahru. My main intention of going to KL was to attend a seminar and both option will render me unable to join it. So, I decided to get back to Johor Bahru. However, to decide which method is best made my head spin. If I stayed overnight, the guarantee of getting the spare part is not there. So, it will be wasteful of me to wait for something to happen out of chance. I decided to tow back.

I asked for the price. It was RM670 inclusive of the earlier RM120 from Pagoh to Yong Peng. I was cornered. I was helpless. I agreed. Off  we went on the tow truck and reach Johor Bahru at 2.30am. Parked the car in front of our panel workshop, the towing people 'towed' me back home. Since it is public holiday, the workshop is not opened for business either. As such, only tomorrow will have an answer to the question on why a new car could not be started. Was it due to sensor? Or was it due to alternator. 

Either way, Proton 24 hour careline sucks because I actually called them up so many times to request for assistance and all they can tell me was ' We are sorry, all our operators are currently engaged' for freaking 1/2 hour I tried. Proton wants to sell car but fails so miserably when it comes to customer service and after sales service. To prospective car owners, do not choose Proton as your choice as it will make you go crazy. You might as well fork out a little extra to buy some established car. Our national car is international disgrace.

p/s: To all my friends whom I promised to meet when I drop down in Kuala Lumpur, I apologize for being unable to keep that promise. I proposed to come, but GOD disposed of my plan. We shall meet again next time.

Apr 29, 2010

The End.

I had wanted to write a post reminiscing this post after 4 years. Looks like I won't need to write one after all.

It's The End.

Apr 17, 2010

Vessel's Visit

Working with clients with background of oil and gas can greatly assist us whenever we need to know something new. I had the same opportunity. Imagine me not having any business with vessels and had the chance to go up one. I grabbed it and I snapped it.
The captain named Ole

Onboard crane

Qamal with Asiaflex background

The Legend in Asiaflex - Vimal Augustin

Unloading under process

The jetty crane constructed by Technip

What can I say?

The hitchhikers to the vessel

Captain wannabe ;)

Fulfilled his long time ambition

Trying to think how to take the vessel back to Kuantan

Communication gadgets

Doesnt have the heart to leave the vessel

You need any assistance in transporting, look for them

The vessel

The sky-ed jetty bridge

The Jetty

Asiaflex view from Jetty

The shot by Augustin

Let's pack up

Look at the trails of the lights

Apr 4, 2010

A Malay(sian) Wedding

On the 4th April 2010, I attended my colleague, Affendy's wedding in his house. Though the rain did hamper the situation slightly, but nevertheless the function went on fine. This is the second time I have attended an Islamic wedding with my lovely partner - Canon EOS 450D. It was fun because I had no clue what is the arrangement or how does the wedding takes place. Apparently, today was only a luncheon session. Most of the 'adat' or traditions rituals were done 2 days ago. But, nevertheless still took few shots and posted below. ;)
p/s: Click to enlarge the images to view better.
Shikin of AME

A bouquet flower on the newly wed's table

Must have potrait in any function. Hairie's Girlfriend

A cake that I did not taste

The bride and bridegroom

My colleague, my supervisor, my confidante, my assistant, my crime partner

Look at the pose - the one thing that he loves

Gendang - part of kompang group

Kompang - Just love the sound of it

1/4 of Bond's Family